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Have you and your child been wanting to come to Kidz Course, but our event times & activities just don't work with your schedule? Or maybe you prefer your children hang around a specific group of kids that you know and trust. We see you and we hear you!


We are now offering private playdates that you can schedule and reserve for yourself and a group of friends or community! 

Our large space is great for children of all ages to play and socialize with other children, yet its cozy enough for parents and caregivers to relax, have a conversation, or even enjoy a cup of coffee in our lobby! Our play area is enclosed so children can safely play, while adults can drop-off, observe, or join in on the fun too! 

We have games, obstacles, musical instruments, spa kits, science kits, crafts, slime, AND MORE for children of all ages!​


​Have a unique theme or idea in mind that your child and their friends LOVE?

We also offer custom-theme private playdates!
Whether it's dinosaurs or princesses, we are dedicated to make your private playdate special for your children, friends, and communities!


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